This weekend took place on 56th Masters Tournament à Callaway Gardens, à Pine Mountain, Georgia. Grondin Dominique Allard, our young Quebec champion was invited to. As usual, Dominique amazed the audience in his discipline is jumping !


She participated in the 23th edition of the junior competition.

This is actually second position, with a jump 40.7 meters that finished our athlete Quebec!

The podium of the junior women's jump was composed of Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya of Belarus in first place (43m), followed by Dominique Grondin-Allard (40.7m) et Valentina Gonzalez (37.6m). One more time, Dominique ends the competition with excellent performance !

Be warned it will also participate in several competitions in Canada and the US.

Besides, National Championships will take place in Sherbrooke, Lac des Nations, on 12 to the 16 August 2015.


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