The Wakesurf

Wake surfing is surfing a derivative which is practiced on all types of water (rivers, lacs …). The wave is infact created by motorboat, it is therefore unlimited as the vessel moves. The surfer therefore take it to move forward but also perform tricks.

As for surfing the feet of the rider are not fixed on the board, and it does not towed by the boat since it does not take a rope.

Regarding competitions, the system is similar to that of other water disciplines, indeed judges score the figures achieved by surfers. The general classification is established by the judges based on these notes.

The wakeskate

The wakeskate is a derivative of skateboarding and waterskiing. The inventor of this sport is the French Alexandre Barnoin who made wakeboarding with a board on which there was no fixing. Since the material has evolved, Indeed grip was added on the board and rider now wears slippers in order to have more grip to the board.

Indeed wake skate board is actually smaller than that of a wakeboard, It therefore appears more manageable for the rider.

Multiple devices can help make this sport, First there is of course the pull boat, but can also be pulled by a water ski or even a winch.

Figures in wakeskate or wakesurf

Some figures wakeboarding are unfeasible in these disciplines because of the absence of fixation on the board as a somersault or rotating flat.

But with these boards can be easily made for example 180 slipped or even 360 glide. These figures are different from those carried out since the wakeboard rider does not jump to achieve. They just do a U-turn or a full turn with the help of top of the wave. The difficulty is, however, still have to achieve these figures.

The flip is a figure which is formed by the wakeskaters, it is a figure in which the rider turns the board on itself then it receives with both feet flat on it.