Le Wakeboard

Wakeboarding "Wakeboard" is a water sport which reflects the principle waterskiing, but surfing has always existed as. It is the US that this sport was born, Indeed the weather constraints such as limited swell or waves surfing. Riders therefore sought to do this by tow boats to continue surfing even when the conditions did not allow the.

M. Tony Finnish created in the years 90 the first plates devoted to the practice of skurf which was the name initially to this discipline. So he created boards narrower than those used for surfing by adding sailboards bindings which allowed to achieve new figures as the rider "rider" was hung on the board.

Wakeboarding can now be practiced in two different ways. In its first form, the rider will be pulled by a boat with a tower with a speed between 28 km/h et 35 km/h. The figures are then made through the waves the boat will leave behind.

But sport can also be practiced using a mechanical lift water facility called "Cable park". This system allows to tow the boat without snowboarder, it will achieve these figures on different modules which are each spaced from 70m to secure the route. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for this discipline nonetheless.

In competitions, the goal for the snowboarder in both disciplines is to achieve the most difficult figures through modules arranged on the course, or through the wave of boat. The classification is then made based on points awarded by judges for each participant.

Les figures en Wakeboard

One of the first figures that we can try when we learn wakeboarding is the area 180 '180's slide ". The aim is to rotate 180 ° on the water. Later in his progression, snowboarder may attempt such figures as the wave wave jumping “Wake to Wake”. To pop by catching it with one hand board “un Grab”. To nip and rotate 180 ° and 360 ° forward "Frontside 180's, Frontside 360’s ». When these figures are mastered, the rider can then tackle the most difficult figures.

Among the latter we find the Roll Back, for this figure, we will take based on one of the waves of the boat and we will make a somersault while keeping the rudder in the hands. Then we will look at that received the second wave behind the boat.

The Tantrum is also a figure that appreciates wakeboarders, the principle is the same as the Roll Back however the execution of the figure is not the same when the control line on the wave, Indeed, at that moment you have to send back his head. The board will then go over your head to create an arc of a full circle. Then the rider will land on the other side of the second wave. The Skateboarders "riders" say that this figure gives the impression of flying because it is much slower than most other somersaults.

Jump Wakeboard