Comprising 10 certified instructors of waterskiing and wakeboarding, here is our new team for the season 2015 !
Eugenie Leclerc Paul
Eugenie Leclerc PaulHeadmistress

Charles-Olivier Jacques
Charles-Olivier JacquesMonitor
Samuel Charest
Samuel CharestMonitor
Mathieu Marcoux
Mathieu MarcouxMonitor
William Goneau
William GoneauMonitor

Emmanuelle de Vette
Emmanuelle de VetteMonitor
Elizabeth Dumas-Longpré
Elizabeth Dumas-LongpréMonitor
Justine Bouchard
Justine BouchardMonitor
Laurence Morin
Laurence MorinMonitor

Camille Barbier
Camille BarbierCommunications Intern
Axelle Beef
Axelle BeefManagement Trainee
Alec Dupras
Alec DuprasMonitor
Kevin Durocher
Kevin DurocherMonitor