Course Schedule 2018



Schedule Opening Closing
Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday 17h00 20h00
Wednesday Closed Closed
Thursday 17h00 20h00
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Closed Closed

Season *

From 25 June 24 August **
Regular Schedule Opening Pause Closing
Monday 9h30 15h00-16h30 20h00
Tuesday 9h30 13h00-14h30 20h00
Wednesday 8h00 15h00-16h30 20h00
Thursday 9h30 13h00-14h30 20h00
Friday 9h30 15h00-16h30 20h00
Saturday and Sunday Closed Closed Closed

* The season schedule is subject to change
** The school will be closed from 12 to the 24 of July included because of the Lake of Nations Festival (the 12 and 13 juillets we will be open for the day camp only.)