Classical disciplines

The classic skiing consists of three disciplines: Slalom, Figures and jumping. During a competition, a skier may choose to participate in one or more of these disciplines. A skier who chose to participate in all disciplines is assigned a score for the combined disciplines plus a note for individual disciplines.


The slalom discipline is to conduct a course on a mono-ski . The course with a total length of 259 meters consists of different colored buoys delimiting the passage of the boat and the skier. The skier must pass through two balloons defining a gateway. Thereafter, he performs 6 turns around balloons distributed diagonally on both sides of the path of the boat, and finally through an exit defined by two balloons. To be considered a successful course, the skier must have passed through the two doors, entry and exit and completed his turn around the 6 skier balls.
Slalom course

The slalom course is done at a maximum speed of the boat of 58km / h for men and 54km / h for women. The starting length for a slalom rope is 18.25m. When a skier successful passage through the course at the maximum speed of his category, the rope is shortened. She then goes to 16 m and 14,25 m, 13 m, 12 m, 11,25 m and then by fraction of 0,50 m.


Ski de figures
Competition, the event of figure skiing consist of two pass of 20 seconds each. The skier must make the maximum possible figures during this period of time. A score is allocated to each successful figures done by the skier according to the degree of difficulty. There are several different figures with scores ranging from 20 to 1000 points. Amongst them the 180, 360°, the passage of a foot over the rope and the double somersault. These figures may be performed in three different ways, either two ski, on a ski rope in hand or on a ski holding the rope with a foot.

The ski for the figures is smaller than a conventional ski and does not have drift. It is therefore easier to slide laterally on the ski and make skids.

The jump

The jumping discipline is to perform the longest possible jump. Of the three classic disciplines, it is the most extreme and spectacular. The Canadian Jaret Llewellyn is currently the world champion.

The jump is done on a pair of skis specially designer for this discipline. The skier, towed by the boat swings at a platform length 6.40m to 6.70m from the water and a height from 1.50m to 1.80m. The maximum boat speed is 51km / h for women and can reach 57km / h for men. Some skiers can reach distances of nearly 90m (300 feet).

Among the equipments of the jumper we also find a safety helmet and a padded thermal combination.

For more information on the regulations of the disciplines you can view the regulations 2013 Ski and Wakeboard Canada